The Irish movie will be ‘a true story’ of Irish immigrants

The Irish film company Film4 has been awarded the prestigious award for best Irish animation film at the Cannes Film Festival.The film, The Irish Movie, is set in an alternate future where Ireland’s immigrants are under the watchful eye of the Irish government.It is a sequel to the critically acclaimed

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How to Cross Flowers with a Pet

The last time we saw Peta from the anime adaptation of Ajin is in episode 3, when she takes on a giant flower and is thrown into a deep ravine to escape her captors.She ends up being captured by the captors again, but they eventually let her go.She has her

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A Wonderful Life 2: New Horizons

2 characters, 5 chapters, 7.1k words format 【ANSI】A Wonderful Life: New Horizon is an adaptation of A Wonderful World: New Zealand by David Langford and Michael P. Hartley.The story takes place in New Zealand’s Eden region and takes place between the events of the original novel.The new novel is set

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Baby animals crossing flowers in adorable animal jams

Animal crossings are the newest trend for kids in the United States, and it looks like they’re catching on.Cats, dogs, horses and even baby elephants are enjoying the thrill of crossing the border at the moment, and they’re doing it at a pace they’re not used to.According to a report

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Why is Japanese porn so popular?

Some people have called Japanese porn an “anti-Japanese” product, a term coined by Japanese feminist group Arakawa Shimbun that has become a catch-all for the genre.In its defence, Japanese porn has a long history in Japan, dating back to the mid-19th century when Japanese men were forced to watch and

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When ‘The Road Warrior’ Returns to Anime for a New Series

The original Road Warrior, the 1980s film series about the Battle of Britain, is back in theaters.The animated series, produced by Disney-Pixar and written by Brian Grazer and Mike Kelley, is scheduled to debut in theaters on June 21.The new series is set to explore the events of the Battle,

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Which anime are you watching right now?

The Naver anime portal is offering up a collection of anime characters in clothing that can be seen in anime.In addition, the site is offering a collection featuring naked anime characters.The naked anime section is also available in English and Korean, which can be a little jarring. The anime characters are

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